How Do I Book A Class?​


Simply send a whatsapp message to us (852)66006306, and make your choice from the menu. 

短訊 Whatsapp (852)66006306 及於以上餐單選擇你喜歡的泡泡炸彈班就可以喇。

Where Are We?


Our shop address is 303, 3/F Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane Street, Hong Kong.

We also accept private classes at your place.



Can I Host A Private Class?


Of course.!!!!

Simply send a whatsapp message to us (852)66006306, and make your choice from the menu. 

We do not suggest to choose more than 1 item from the menu if you are hosting a group class. 


簡單 whatsapp 短訊到 (852)66006306,然後於餐單選擇你喜歡的泡泡炸彈班就可以喇。


How Long Does Each Class Last?


Each class is approximately 1.5 hour.

​每班大概為 1.5 小時

How Do I Choose My Time? There Is No Timetable.?


Your time is our time. Simply tell us and we will try our best to fit your time table.


What Materials Do We Use?


Materials we use are what you can find in your kitchen. We ship most of our materials directly from the States,

and we choose most of our materials organic, non-GMO, and food grade.

We also use the purest Young Living Essential Oil for nice scent.  



​精油方面我們都是採用最純淨的 Young Living 精油。

How Do I Pay?


We accept PayMe or HSBC Transfer.

​我們接受 PayMe 或 HSBC 銀行戶口轉帳。

How Old Can Kids Start Making?


The youngest kid we have had was 3 years old. The only thing we concern is their fingers are not strong enough to push in the molds so we suggest them to work with parents or an adult. 

我們最小的學生是 3 歲小孩。只是太小的小孩子們的小手指還是軟軟的,他們未必有足夠力氣,建議家長陪同下製作泡泡炸彈。

Do I Get Extra Discounts?


You will receive HK$100 deduction from your own class fee for extra person you bring. Hence, $200 for extra 2 people you bring and so on.  

每介紹 1位朋友,我們將於你的堂費直接扣除 $100/位。即是說,介紹 2 為朋友, 我們將於你的堂費直接扣除 $200 如此類推。

Book Now @ Whatsapp 66006306

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