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Young Living 的 Whispering Springs 農場是一座具代表性的薰衣草農場,不只是對我們而言,對整個精油運動與健康社群而言亦是如此。坐落於猶他州莫納市的這座薰衣草農場與 Young Living 的全球總部僅隔了一小段的距離。我們的薰衣草日慶典、精油與動物研討會,以及各類活動皆是在此舉行。

The Young Living Whispering Springs Farm is an iconic lavender farm, not only to Young Living but also to the essential oil movement and the wellness community. Located in Mona, Utah, this lavender farm is just a short drive fromYoung Living Global Headquarters and is home to events such as the Lavender Day festival, the Essential Oils and Animals Conference, and more.


莫納薰衣草草原與農場橫跨了將近 1,600 英畝的土地,世界上最大的其中一座私有的精油蒸餾廠正坐落於此。

The Mona lavender fields and farm span nearly 1,600 acres, and the venue is home to one of the largest privately owned essential oil distilleries in the world.



Young Living 是精油產業聞名的開創先驅,創辦人Gary Young所傳承的精油生產與使用研究是 Young Living 品牌中重要的一環。認識與分享精油的力量是我們加諸於自身的使命,因此我們至今仍不斷地在我們的農場投資農業、精油提取,以及永續性的研究。

Young Living is known as a pioneering force in the essential oil industry, and D. Gary Young’s legacy of research on essential oil production and use is integral to Young Living’s identity. Our commitment to understanding and sharing the power of essential oils is why we invest in agricultural, distillation, and sustainability research at our farms.



經過嚴謹的種子篩選與一絲不苟的採收監控流程,Whispering Springs 農場協助 Young Living 建立了全世界最龐大的精油資料庫。

Through our careful seed selection process and meticulously monitored harvesting, the Whispering Springs Farm has helped Young Living compile the most extensive library of essential oil data in the world.


薰衣草精油  Lavender | 神香草精油 Hyssop | 快樂鼠尾草精油 Clary Sage  

薄荷精油 Peppermint | 一枝黃花精油 Goldenrod | 香脂冷杉精油 Balsam Fir

蜜蜂花精油 Melissa |  羅馬洋甘菊精油 Roman Chamomile

杜松精油 Juniper |  歐蓍草精油 Yarrow


Skyrider Wilderness Ranch 荒野牧場

TABIONA, UTAH, USA 美國猶他州塔比奧納 

Young Living 的 Whispering Springs 農場是一座具代表性的薰衣草農場,不只是對我們而言,對整個精油運動與健康社群而言亦是如此。坐落於猶他州莫納市的這座薰衣草農場與 Young Living 的全球總部僅隔了一小段的距離。我們的薰衣草日慶典、精油與動物研討會,以及各類活動皆是在此舉行。

Although this ranch is one of our newest locations, many Young Living global leaders have attended retreats and events hosted at the beautiful Skyrider Wilderness Ranch. Nestled in the hills of Tabiona, Utah, and home to stunning vistas and wildlife, this farm is close to Gary Young’s heart. It’s a location where our unique einkorn grain can grow, as well as a place where Gary can perform research on distillation methods and new botanicals.


此農場種植植物為古法小麥包括: Products From This Farm:

Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Flour | Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix

Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Rotini Pasta |  Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Spaghetti

Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Granola

St. Maries Lavender Farm 薰衣草農場

ST. MARIES, IDAHO, USA 美國愛達荷州聖瑪麗斯

St. Maries 薰衣草農場正是Young Living的發源之地!1993 年,Gary Young 在這塊 200 英畝的土地上種下了來自法國普羅旺斯的薰衣草種子。今日,這片美麗的農場仍持續協助我們生產著名的薰衣草精油與其他植物原料。

Our St. Maries Lavender Farm is where everything started! In 1993, Gary Young brought lavender seeds from Provence, France, and planted them on the 200 acres of land that now make up this beautiful farm. Today, this farm helps produce our famous Lavender essential oil and other botanicals.


Young Living 非常重視地球環境發展與資源管理,我們相信精油的運用正是體現了人類與大自然的連結。因此在我們岌岌不倦生產高品質精油的同時,亦不辭辛勞地為我們的後代守護健康、茁壯的地球環境。

Young Living takes the stewardship of our planet and its resources very seriously. We believe that essential oils are the embodiment of our connection with nature, which is why our tireless efforts to produce superior essential oils are matched with painstaking efforts to keep our earth healthy and thriving for future generations.


St. Maries 薰衣草農場是建立在一塊從未受到化學殺蟲劑與人工肥料污染的土地上。在 Young Living,我們懂得飲水思源。我們以種子到密封(SEED TO SEAL)的高標準監控,並致力於透過自然栽培法關懷土地、水源與生態環境的健康。

The St. Maries Lavender Farm was established on land that had never been exposed to chemical pesticides or man-made fertilizers. Young Living’s Seed to Seal standards honor its origins and commit us to natural cultivation methods that take the health of the soil, water, and ecological community into consideration.

此農場種植植物包括: Oils From This Farm:

薰衣草精油 Lavender |  蜜蜂花精油 Melissa

愛達荷州艾菊精油 Idaho Tansy

Highland Flats 樹木農場 

美國愛達荷州那普勒斯 NAPLES, IDAHO, USA

Highland Flats 樹木農場坐落於愛達荷州景色秀麗的那普勒斯區域,Young Living深受這裡的常綠樹木啟發而生產了多款精油。此處除了種植藍雲杉外,也容納了全世界規模最大的其中一座精油蒸餾廠。除此之外,這裡更是 Young Living 年度冬季收割與春季播種計劃的舉辦地,Young Living 成員可到此親自參與種子到密封 (SEED TO SEAL) 流程。

Located in scenic Naples, Idaho, the Highland Flats Tree Farm is home to some of the beautiful evergreen trees that help Young Living produce essential oils inspired by the great outdoors. This location is not only a blue spruce farm but is also home to one of the world’s largest essential oil distilleries. It’s the location of Young Living’s annual Winter Harvest and Spring Planting projects, which allow members to participate in the Seed to Seal process firsthand.

此農場種植植物包括: Oils From This Farm:

愛達荷州藍雲杉精油 Idaho Blue Spruce 香脂冷杉精油 Balsam Fir

松樹精油 Pine | 愛達荷州西黃松精油 Ponderosa Pine 


Young Living 與 Kona 檀木造林計劃的合作關係展現了 Young Living 對保存文化價值的努力。為了維持島上的生態平衡,並遵從夏威夷人心中深植的這份對土地的尊重,我們在這裡只會收割瀕死或已死亡的檀木。

Young Living’s partnership with the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project is a great example of how Young Living and our partnerships strive to preserve cultural values. At this location, only dead or dying sandalwood is harvested to maintain the ecological balance on the island and to follow the deeply rooted Hawaiian belief in humans’ respectful relationship with the land.

此農場種植植物包括: Oils From This Farm:

皇家夏威夷檀香精油 Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

自 40年代以來,Labbeemint 夥伴農場一直在其家庭經營的設施中生產世界級的薄荷精油。憑藉其四個戰略位置,包括位於華盛頓的主要精油蒸餾廠和其他要點的倉庫和優勢,Labbeemint 提供可擴展的可持續薄荷源。這些業務使得 Labbeemint 成為高品質薄荷精油的領導者,並與美國農業社區建立了關係 - 直到幾年前,他們才參與其中。 Labbeemint 的無與倫比的供應鏈反應了高度誠實和透明度,使其成為 Young Living 理想的首要薄荷精油的供應商。

Labbeemint Partner Distillery has been producing world-class mint oils at its family-run facility since the 1940s. With four strategic locations that include a distillery at its main location in Washington and warehouses and blending capabilities in other locations, Labbeemint provides a scalable, sustainable mint source. These operations make Labbeemint a leader in high-quality mint essential oils and in relationships with the U.S. farming community—of which they were a part until a few years ago. Labbeemint’s level of unmatched supply chain honesty and transparency make them the ideal primary Mentha piperita supplier for Young Living.

此農場種植植物包括:  Oils From This Farm:

薄荷精油 Peppermint

綠薄荷精油 Spearmint

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